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CFS Elite is proud to offer the Diamond DA20 C1 as a trainer and time builder.  The DA20 is offered as an affordable, fun, and efficient trainer and rental aircraft.  With fighter like cockpit, visibility, and agility, the DA20 is a blast to fly.  Additionally, the modern and advanced aerodynamics of the DA20 give it a training industry leading glide ratio and safety.  Despite it's smaller size, and smaller engine, the DA20 has the same climb and cruise performance of its bigger brother the 4 seat DA40.  Additionally, the front cockpit is the same basic dimensions.  The aircraft is so good at teaching how to fly that the USAF uses the DA20 as their first trainer in teaching new pilots. The fun factor of the Diamond aircraft far exceed any other trainer currently on the market.

General characteristics

DA20 airborne.jpeg
N169PS interior.jpeg
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