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Accelerated Career Pilot Program

Zero experience to professional pilot with no money down in just 6-8 months!

Student Housing Options

Our Las Vegas campus has several options to provide safe and quality accommodations while you complete your training. All our recommended options are a short commute to the campus.

Recommended Options

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Accelerated Career Pilot Program Training Aircraft

Accelerated Career Pilot Program Training Aircraft

Contact us for more information or apply for the program

Accelerated Career Pilot Program Overview

Our program is designed to launch you into your aviation career in less than six months with no money out of your pocket. We have established flow through agreements with commercial operators that hire as low as 250 hrs from our program.  We provide job placement assistance with our partners. All our initial graduates were hired to right seat positions in Honda Jet's with our partners at Cirrus Aviation.

Accelerated Career Pilot Program Benefits

  • 0 Experience to Commercial Jet Job in 6 months

  • Training concludes with commercial multi-engine

  • 100% financing with delayed payment plans

  • $60,000 starting pay if you are hired by Cirrus Aviation (Partner example only)

  • Student Housing Available

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Included Flight Training

  • Private Pilot Rating

  • Instrument Pilot Rating

  • Commercial Pilot Rating

  • Multi-Engine Add On

  • Certified Flight Instructor

  • Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII)

  • Multi-Engine Flight Instructor

Flight Training Financing

Job Placement assistance upon graduation

  • Job placement assistance provided

  • Students and CFI's have been direct hired by Allegiant, Spirit, Frontier, Mesa West, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines, Tropic Ocean Airlines, Cirrus Aviation Services, AirSmart, AirShare, all the regionals, and several private corporate carriers.

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  • What is required to qualify for the program?
    Must have private pilot training certificate or less experience Able to acquire FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate Full time availability for a minimum of 5 training days per week A desire to change your life in less than 6 months into a new amazing job A US citizenship or legal to work in the US
  • How long does the program take?
    We plan on 6 months for 0-Commercial Multi and 4 months for Instrument to Commercial Multi. This can be slowed down by student progression, weather, unplanned aircraft maintenance, and checkride availability.
  • What if I can't go 5 days a week?
    You won't fit into our traditional plan but let us know what you need and we can craft a customized plan to fit your training needs.
  • What does the training day look like?
    The program is designed for 5 days a week with 8 hours of availability per day. You will have a flying event at least once a day and you study and prepare for each event in between. You will also watch videos designed to prepare you for your written and practical exams.
  • What aircraft will I fly and how much flying is included?
    Most students will do private pilot in a DA20. Instrument and Commercial is flown in a DA20 and 40. Your multi will be one of our two DA42s. Approximately 251 hours is included in the training. We fly the entirety of the program as Part 141.
  • What happens if I need extra time? Will you kick me out like some competitors I've talk to?
    You will have to pay out of pocket or obtain additional financing if you need extra time and you go over the included hours. We keep you up to date on your program spend as you execute the program so you can make informed decisions on your progress.
  • What's your track record like for graduates?
    Our first four graduates were all hired to fly Honda Jet's by Cirrus Aviation in Las Vegas. We have had several instructors from the school that have been hired by Cirrus Aviation, United, Spirit, Frontier, Breeze Airways, Grand Canyon, Netjets, Airsmart, Airshare, Envoy, and many other regional airlines. I can't not recall a CFS instructor at their ATP minimums that has not been hired into a professional jet company.
  • Why do you require me to have enough funds to complete CFI if I just want to be a commercial pilot?
    Because we actually care if you get a job. We are a small business and take great pride in each graduate of our training unlike the giant schools you might be familiar with. If you get hired by a commercial operator after your instrument check then you can just stop short of your CFI training. If that doesn't work then you have enough funds to guarantee you a job after training as an instructor. Pro tip - Our instructors can make more money than a Honda Jet pilot does on salary. Their Instagram account just isn't as cool. That is for awhile, because our instructors get to major jet carriers more quickly than corporate pilots do.
  • How do you support getting hired after training?
    We have several relationships we use along the way with companies such as Cirrus Aviation to try and get you placed with a commercial job. We attempt to get you an interview after the successful completion of your instrument check so that you can start to focus on CFI training after your commercial if you do not get hired as a commercial pilot prior to the end of class. The good news is if you did not get hired then it is just a matter of time for us to get you into your next job. We have easy exit points to commercial operators at 500 and 750 hours and we have had almost 100% success at placing all our graduates with jobs at a 1000 hours. Once you are at your ATP mins its a virtual certainty in todays market (knock on wood) that you will be hired into a regional or corporate operator.
  • Do you guarantee a job after graduation?
    We do not guarantee a position after graduation as we can not determine up front if you will be a pilot. We do guarantee interview opportunities after your instrument check to help increase the probability of job placement after graduation. We recommend all our students plan to go through CFI and then stop short in your training if you get hired by a commercial operator.
  • Will your partners help me with living expenses?
    Stratus Financial has programs that will include rent support while you are in training. Meretize will only pay for flight training.
  • What happens to my loan if I don't complete training?
    You receive a full refund for training that you have not completed. The repayment plan then depends on the company and the program you selected. Generally speaking, they give you 90 days and then ask that you start repayment.
  • How big a loan do I need?
    We require a $100k loan when you start with no experience and $87k for students starting on their instrument check. This is designed to give you a pad in case you need to get your CFI.
  • What happens if I decide to leave the program early? Can I get a refund?
    Unexpended training deposits will be refunded to you. You can then turn back any additional funds to your lender and then only pay on the funds you have used.
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