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Accelerated Career Pilot Program

Zero experience to a Honda Jet follow on with no money down in just six months!

Student Housing Options

Our Las Vegas campus has several options to provide safe and quality accommodations while you complete your training. All our recommended options are a short commute to the campus.

Recommended Options

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Accelerated Career Pilot Program Training Aircraft

Accelerated Career Pilot Program Training Aircraft

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Accelerated Career Pilot Program Overview

Our program is designed to launch you into your aviation career in less than six months with no money out of your pocket. We guarantee a follow on opportunity to work in the right seat of a Honda Jet with our partners at Cirrus Aviation.

Accelerated Career Pilot Program Benefits

  • 0 Experience to Commercial Jet Job in 6 months

  • Training concludes with commercial multi-engine

  • 100% financing with delayed payment plans

  • $60,000 starting pay with Cirrus Aviation

  • Student Housing Available

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Included Flight Training

  • Private Pilot Rating

  • Instrument Pilot Rating

  • Commercial Pilot Rating

  • Multi-Engine Add On

  • Up to 251 hours of total flight time

Flight Training Financing

Job Placement upon graduation

  • Guaranteed interview with Cirrus Aviation

  • Contingent job offers after instrument rating

  • $60k+ starting salary as first officer in light jet

  • Check out the Cirrus fleet of amazing aircraft

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