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What is CFS/Elite Aviation VGT’s approach to professional flight instruction?  It is a professional attitude, ability, and approach to teaching our students in the best and most efficient way.  We don’t believe in signing as many students up as possible and pushing them through the pilot mill.  Instead, we focus on a few students at a time.  Most of our instructors will maintain a minimum student load to maintain low student to instructor ratio, allowing more time for your training.  We give the concierge level of instruction to meet our student’s objectives as well as personal and professional needs.  This approach is very uncommon in civilian flight training, but one of our company tenets is the belief that our customers are paying a large amount for flight instruction, they deserve to get a professional level product.  This is why we hand select our flight instructors, and we pay much more than the industry standard…WHY?...BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTH IT, and quality is worth paying for.  Further, we standardize our training, and put our instructors through a training program much more thorough than the FAA.  This is based on military flying training principles and success were a pilot comes off the street with zero experience and in less than 100 hours is flying a supersonic fighter aircraft.


This level of instruction is unique and rare in the industry, and it is the reason why we have a such a high pass rate on first time check-rides and why our students have such a high success rate with obtaining well-paying flying jobs in minimal time.  The flight departments know our quality because it shows in our students.  The aviation hiring market is changing.  Due to the shortage of pilots, and the rapid push of low-quality instruction of pilot mills, flight departments are looking for Quality (of flying skills) over Quantity (of hours).  Unfortunately, to many students of the pilot mills have learned the hard way, that the multiple failed check-rides in their past will keep them from ever achieving that pinnacle aviation job.


To complete your training, you can either pay by the hour, or buy one of our programs.  The explanation of each training program is included in the hyperlinks below.

Let us prepare you for success in aviation!

Private Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Instrument Pilot

Air Transport Pilot

Aircraft Rental

Rotary Transition to Fixed Wing

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