Commercial Pilot

The FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate gives the you the ability to be paid for your skills as a pilot. The FAA requires 250 hrs of flight time to take the check-ride for the commercial certificate.  The training itself is not difficult.  However, the professional flying procedures and techniques that are necessary to get a professional flying job are rarely taught at your normal flight school.  We offer a package for students on the professional flying track.  We can also tailor make a program based off of your hours and experience.  Our commercial program includes the hours and time building necessary, flight and ground instruction, but it also includes crew resource management (CRM) training, PIC/SIC training, and advanced avionics training.  In addition, we will teach you and help you through the steps of getting your first commercial flying job.  



Built for the pilot going straight through the professional pilot course following the instrument rating. Custom courses can be built for higher time pilots, or you can perform the training course by the hour.




  • Up to 160 hrs of flight time in DA40

  • Up to 15 hrs of flight instruction

  • Unlimited ground instruction

  • Up to 5 nights hotel paid for X/C time building

  • Books and courseware

  • Unlimited simulator use

  • Application Review Service

  • Interview Prep

  • Guaranteed Interview with commercial operator

Discount on Commercial Multi Add on

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