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Commercial Pilot

The FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate gives the you the ability to be paid for your skills as a pilot. Using our FAA part 141 approved syllabus you can have your commercial pilot certificate in as little as 195 hours total flight time.  The FAA requires 250 hrs of flight time if you take the training from a normal part 61 flight school. This saves months of time, and thousands of dollars.


The training and maneuvers itself are not difficult. However, the professional flying procedures and techniques that are necessary to get a professional flying job are rarely taught at your normal flight school.  All of our company leadership and senior instructors are professional pilots in airline, military, or corporate aviation.  We use these years of experience to develop you into the best professional pilot possible. The quality of our product and skills of our students is recognized by many professional flight departments.


Our commercial program includes the hours and time building necessary, flight and ground instruction, but it also includes crew resource management (CRM) training, PIC/SIC training, and advanced avionics training.  In addition, we will mentor you and help you through the steps of getting your first commercial flying job.  


Please contact us for our latest Commercial Pilot Program costs.  You will find that due to our efficiency in training, you will spend less for a higher quality product.

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