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Instrument Pilot

The FAA Instrument Rating gives you the ability to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).  In other words, you won’t be held up by clouds or reduced visibility.  This is also the next step in becoming a professional pilot.  This course is also the foundation that your ability as a skilled professional pilot is built on.  If the foundation isn’t strong, you will continue to have difficulties in future training, which will cost you more money. This is why our syllabus takes advantage of real-world situations outside of your comfort zone.  That means flying on complex cross countries to build you the skills necessary to operate in complex environments, flying in actual IFR conditions where it allows, and maximizing your learning by flying our FAA approved AATD (simulator) in tough situations. Further, all of our training aircraft use the latest technology in advanced avionics and cockpits, to better prepare you for professional flying. This company is built by professionals that have more complex actual IFR flight time than most have total time.  We teach and pass those experiences gained over many years to our students.  When you finish this course, you will be prepared to fly yourself and your passengers into the busiest most complex airport during inclement weather with aircraft malfunctions and arrive safely.  

Due to our FAA 141 approval, you can get your Instrument Rating in less time, less money, and better training than is available with a part 61 only flight school.  If you are already an experienced pilot or you have started with another school, we can tailor a part 61 program that meets your needs and training objectives.


Please contact us for our latest IFR Program costs.  You will find that due to our efficiency in training, you will spend less for a higher quality product.

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