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Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition

If you are a helicopter pilot, the airlines recognize your talent.  They are hiring and paying for the training for helicopter pilots to transition to fixed wing, with a start date as soon as you finish your required hours.  Most of these programs only require you to meet Restricted ATP minimums.  For military trained helicopter pilots that is just 750 total hours.  For some university-trained helicopter pilots, that could be as little as 1000 total hours. All you need is 250 hrs PIC fixed wing and 25 hrs multi-engine airplane time for most regionals.  The airline will finish the hours required for the ATP and provide the ATP training and check-ride.  Chennault Flying Service has associations that allow certain regionals to pay for your flight training with us. 


Obviously, it benefits the applicant to finish this program in the minimal amount of time and start on the payroll with the regional airline.  We have the program necessary to rapidly and efficiently obtain the required hours and certificates. 


This program can be completed by the flight hour, by block-time, or contact us to make specialized quote for you. 

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