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Private Pilot

The FAA Private Pilot Certificate gives you the ability to fly anywhere in good weather and carry passengers, as long as it is not for compensation.  This is the first step in becoming a professional pilot.  With our part 141 FAA certification, the FAA requires a minimum of a 35 hours of flight training prior to taking a private pilot certificate check-ride.  The private pilot training is performance based, not just hours based, so a certain level of proficiency is required prior to moving forward.  Therefore, the exact time to get a private certificate varies. The average at normal flight schools is usually in the range of 65 hrs.  However, we have had great success with many students finishing near or at the minimums.  This successful recipe is a combination of our experience, professional syllabus, our focus on immersive training with high quality instructors, and students that dedicate the time to regularly fly (we recommend 3x a week or more).  When you finish this course, you will have the skills and confidence to get in the airplane and fly it anywhere in the US.


Please contact us for our latest Private Pilot Program costs.  You will find that due to our efficiency in training, you will spend less for a higher quality product.

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