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Airline Transport Pilot

An Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate is the highest-level certificate that a pilot can achieve. An ATP certificate is required for piloting a scheduled air-carrier (airline) or for flying charter outside of the United States.   

Normally it takes 1500 hrs of flight time to qualify for the ATP.  However, with a Bachelors Degree in Aviation from Liberty University, obtained through our Flight Training Affliation, our students can get their ATP in 1000 hrs (per FAR 61.160).  This equates to a savings of approx $100,000 and up to 2+ years. 

We do not offer an FAA part 141 ATP course because the part 61 training requirements are faster and more affordable.

To obtain an ATP-Multi Engine, the FAA requires 3 steps: CTP, Written, Practical.  

1. CTP Course: This is week-long Pt 142 course involving 5 days of classroom and 2 days of sim flying.  It is seminar only; there is no finishing test or standards.

2. Written: After obtaining the CTP certificate, you can take the written ATP-ME  test (test code ATM).  The written material isn't covered in the CTP course.  It is a self-study prep.  We highly recommend using

3. Practical Test:  The practical test for the ATP-ME is an instrument check-ride.  It is the same check-ride as a type rating.  It includes 4 instrument approaches, emergency procedures, and aircraft system knowledge.  CFS offers a course to train and prepare for ATP practical checkride.  



TT: 1500          X/C: 500          NIGHT: 100                 MULTI-ENGINE LAND: 50

INSTRUMENT: 75 (25 allowed in sim)

PIC: 250          


Restricted ATP (FAR 61.160)

If a pilot applicant doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of FAR 61.159 they can obtain a Restricted ATP certificate.  Upon meeting the requirements of FAR 61.159 they will have full privileges of an ATP.  The most common case is military pilots or graduates of an approved Bachelors degree in Aviation program. below are the minimums for graduates of a US military flight school per FAR 61.160a


US Military FAR 61.160a Restricted ATP minimums

TT: 750             X/C: 200         

Bachelors degree in Aviation (from approved University program) FAR 61.160 Restricted ATP minimums

TT: 1000





  • Up to 7 hrs of Dual flight time in Beech Baron or Travel Air

  • Unlimited Ground Instruction

  • ATP Practical Ground School Course

  • Books and Courseware

  • Completion Time: 3 days (including check-ride)

Please contact us for more information about our ATP program.

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