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Joe "Retz" Chennault serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer for Chennault Flying Service/Elite Aviation VGT, LLC. Retz is a former USAF F-15C Eagle Pilot with 500hrs of combat flying time and 28 years and over 6000 hrs experience in both civilian and military aviation. He has over 2000 F-15C hours and served as an instructor pilot, operational test pilot, and evaluator.  Throughout his 20 years in the Air Force, he has maintained his childhood passion of General Aviation through flight instructing, aircraft ownership, air racing.  After retirement from the USAF, Retz now works for a major US airline and a fighter test pilot for a military contractor. 

Prior to entering USAF pilot training, Joe was a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).  It was his passion for civilian flight instructing that drove him to start CFS and to use the skills he learned as a military fighter instructor pilot to pass on through civilian pilot training. 

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